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Suppliers of Electronic Cigarettes , Ego Starter Kits, E Juice and Advanced E Cig Mods .We supply form UK Held stock E cigs such as the Full range of ego starter kits , , a full range of Atomizers including Vivi Nova, CE4 , Clearomizers , CE5 . In Addition to this we also stock advance Mods including the Vamo and KTS mods , rebuildable atomizers from the IGO and AGA Range, a full selection of E Juice , Spares and Accessories.
As a small well established family business we aim to provide quality service at affordable prices. Our range of electronic Cigarettes and Ego Kits has been carefully selected to offer you the best quality and performance at sensible prices.
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For those new to E cigarettes  please read below for a small insight into the world of E Cigs.

What are E Cigs ?

An Electronic Cigarette or E Cig,is a device that simulates the act of smoking a traditional Tobacco Cigarette by producing an inhaled vapour often with the flavour and either with or without nicotine, but most importantly without TAR , Odours and second hand smoke associated with traditional tobacco products.

E Cigs come in a various range of shapes and sizes , but mostly consist of these components, A small liquid reservoir,(Tank/Cartridge) a heating element (Atomizer) and a power source (Battery). Most are reusable/refillable.                                                                                                           



Why Use E Cigs ?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking Tobacco based products. It Endeavours to deliver the experience of smoking without the adverse health affects associated with tobacco smoke or at least to greatly reduce those risks.

They don't produce any harmful second hand smoke and as such can be used in many public places such as Pubs , Bars and Offices. So no more standing around outside in the ever changing British weather,although we would recommend you seek permission so as not to cause confusion or offend.